Daily Techniques

Daily Techniques


Overhead press resistance bands

Overhead press 10 8 8 6 4

Overhead press resistance bands w dumbell

Delt stretch rear middle front  21 3x 7 reps each

Db cheat lateral 3x failure

Db push press 3x failure

Face pulls 3x 14


Bench press 6,8,10,12

Band Crossover

Db incline bench 6,8,10,12

Band crossover

Weighted Chest dip 6,8,10,12

Weighted push up 3x failure

Band push up 3x failure


Squat 4x5 5 10 25

Barbell hip raise 4x 25 10 5 5

Glute/ ham raises

Single leg bar bell 2x 10-12

Body weight failure

Band drop lunge 2-3 10-12 reps

Slide lunge 2x10-12

Hip band ladder 1-2x 10 rep


Deadlift 2x 8,6

Weighted chin up 2x 4, 8

Deadlift 2x 4,4

Wide chin up failure

Barbell dead row 2-3x 10-12

Switching  arm pull down 10-12 to failure

Rocking Lat pull down

Hyper YW 2x 14-20



Close grip pin press 10,6,4

Weighted dip/ body weight dip/ band dip

Cable push away/ push down 10-12

Rocking push down

Banded tricep extension


Barbell curl/ drag curl failure 3x

Weighted chin up failure

Banded chin curls 3x failure

Incline db curl  3x failure

Db trifecta

Cross body curl 8 reps each position each arm





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