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Ascent Organic Plant Based Protein Powder- Vanilla

Ascent Organic Plant Based Protein Powder- Vanilla

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If you’re plant-based and looking for an organic recovery drink… This is the one!

Ascent fuel is recognized for its high-quality protein. Now even better, high-quality plant-based protein. 

25g of Protein per serving. You read that right! As athletes, we know that a post-workout recovery drink requires more than just protein. This recovery mix includes a Complete Amino Acid Profile, including 4g of BCAAs.

You don’t like chalky plant-based drinks? No worries! Ascent fuel formulated a perfect blend that is delicious, smooth, and made from real food sources. You’ll definitely look forward to drinking this one, whether you’re looking for extra protein in a morning smoothie or just as a post-workout shake!

Certified USDA Organic, this plant-based recovery mix is equivalent to a protein found selectively in:

- 1 ½ cups of Lentils
- 4 Large Eggs
- 3 cups of quinoa
- 1 small chicken breast
- ¾ cup of almonds.

    This Gluten-Free, Soy Free and vegan supplement makes it super easy to be on top of your protein game. It is also low in sugar and carbohydrates, making it strictly a protein recovery shake. With zero artificial ingredients and it being Informed Sports Certified, you’re promised nothing but a clean and quality heavy muscle recovery shake!

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