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Carbon Strength Power Rack

Carbon Strength Power Rack

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The Carbon Strength Power Rack is sure to become a mainstay of your strength area with clean modern lines, sturdy construction, and features specifically designed to promote easy and safe operation, improve durability, and guarantee outstanding performance for years to come.
Built for commercial gyms and personal training studios, this gym power rack is perfect for Olympic lifting, squats, pull-ups, and a variety of functional/strength workouts. This power cage gives you the flexibility for multiple strength training exercises, within a safe environment and in a compact space.

- Heavy Duty Construction- Made of solid steel safety bars that are adjustable to a range of heights. This feature helps to catch the weight bar in case you fail to complete a rep and saves you from being crushed by the weight of the bar.

- Functional Gym Equipment- This power rack supports all workouts offered by squat stands and proves its versatility in extended activities such as pull-ups, deadlifts, chin-ups, curls as well as several other lifts.

- Versatile Training- Any variation of Olympic weight bars can be used with power racks, which also provide support at a variety of heights. For you, this means that you may easily be able to change your routine from squats to bench presses as quickly as you please by simply adjusting the location of the catches and safety rods.

- Adjustable- J-hooks can be adjusted to the right height for you to rack or unrack your barbell during both bench and squat workouts, while you can also use the 6 band pegs to get resistance training in with banded squat and bench press workouts.

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