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Spirit In Consciousness

CBD Facial Moisturizing Cream (1x30) | hemp

CBD Facial Moisturizing Cream (1x30) | hemp

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750 mL - 2.53 fl oz per unit

This transformative CBD-infused blend, enriched with phytonutrients and hyaluronic acid-promoting ingredients, manages to comfort your complexion with effective hydration.

Ideal to increase the luminosity of your face, and improve the complexion, elasticity, and softness. Enriched with vitamin E.



Optimal, prolonged, and deep hydration

Recovers the elasticity, density, and firmness of the skin

Reduces blemishes and smoothes wrinkles

Restores the optimal level of hydration

Promotes the renewal of hyaluronic acid

Increases skin smoothness

Eliminates free radicals that reduce collagen production and cell regeneration

Increases the luminosity of the skin

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