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Energy Healing Feng Shui Ornament

Energy Healing Feng Shui Ornament

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This Energy Healing Feng Shui Ornament colored with golden legs is for prosperity and dignity. The crystal pyramid balances and harmonize the aura around us and protects us from negative energy. Therefore when we place this pyramid in our house or office,
the place is purified by the power of the crystal, and vastu defects are rectified.

The Crystal Pyramid can be placed in the South West of your Homes and offices. It can also be used in Vastu and should be placed in the southeast for positive energy. It emits positive energy around you.


- This lucky pyramid is made of glass in which is used to heal the entire body to increase physical, mental and intellectual powers of humans

- According to Vastu Shashtra, the sharp pointed corners in this sacred pyramid helps to manage the lives of people and develop a positive relationship among family members

- This triangular pyramid catches & accumulates the universal energy, renders good health and neutralizes the dark forces & negative energies

- This pyramid with sharp pointed top crown broadening downwards has cleansing effects to ward off evil, ill-luck, brings positive ambiance to dwellings and makes you to be more energetic

- This feng shui pyramid is ideal to fight and correct Vastu Dosh or defects at homes and workplaces and can be used as a paperweight.

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