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Frequency of Love Miracle Healing Set

Frequency of Love Miracle Healing Set

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The Frequency of Love Miracle Healing Set can be used for therapy to help reduce stress. Can relieve joint pain and stiffness, reduce inflammation, meditate and relax.

The 528 Hz tuning fork is believed to transform and repair DNA, activate the body, and expand our consciousness. It is a soft and pure tone. These 528hz tuning forks will give you a pure and beautiful tone when you use them lightly.


- Lightweight, about 1/3 of the comparable steel tuning forks

- This traditional 528 tuning fork is small in size and easy to carry. It can be easily put into any instrument case or pocket. In order to avoid being worn by other sharp objects, we provide a suitable cloth bag to protect it. 

-  This 528hz tuning fork is made of high-quality alloy, with fine production and high precision.

- The circular design of the tail greatly combines beauty and comfort. The handle is easy to hold and ergonomic.

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