Home & Car H13 HEPA Air Purifier (30-day Guarantee)

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This affordable HEPA air purifier packs a punch! It removes dust, pollen, musty, doggy-smells, cat litterbox smells, teen bedroom smells, and many other odors. It can be used in your home, car, SUV, RV, boat - practically anywhere!

This product includes:
1. One Air Purifier (Model LLP-001).
2. One handmade H13 HEPA Filter.
3. One handmade Commercial Grade activated carbon pouch.
4. One AC outlet plug (120V AC 60Hz). Cord is 4'8" long.
5. One handmade car power adapter with 2 quick charge ports (cord length is 3 meters).

I designed Better World Air's H13 HEPA 99.97% air purifier using my skills as a physicist and chemist. It uses a laser particle matter sensor to measure airborne particles in a room. The number of airborne particles is shown on the top of the air purifier. You can watch as the air purifier cleans your air!

How big is the air purifier?
7 inches (length) by 7 inches (width) by 11.5 inches (height).

Why is this air purifier so effective?
It contains a handmade H13 HEPA filter and uses Commercial Grade activated carbon pellets to remove odors.

Don't all small air purifiers perform the same?
No. Most use a fabric carbon mesh that performs MUCH worse than real activated carbon pellets at odor removal. My air purifier uses commercial grade activated carbon pellets. (I designed my air purifier to use the same components you would find in a $1300+ air purifier. A $1300+ air purifier might cover 1,125 sq. ft. while my air purifier covers 300 sq. ft.)

Aren't ALL activated carbon pellets the same?
No. There are many different grades of activated carbon pellets. I use a Commercial Grade pellets (sourced from U.S.A.) that outperform all others in odor removal. I list the chemical properties of the Commercial Grade activated carbon I use (https://www.etsy.com/listing/977541850/premium-grade-activated-carbon-for-odor) that show their superior performance.

What exactly did you design differently?
I use a hand-made pouch that is placed INSIDE the round H13 HEPA filter. This pouch contains Commercial Grade activated carbon pellets which adsorb odors much more effectively than other air purifiers this size.

How loud is it?
On the maximum setting, it is 46dB (quiet library).

What happens if I Favorite this Listing?
You'll find out! :-)

Is there a Guarantee?
Yes. Effective 8/30/2021, there is a 30-day money back guarantee on this product. If you are unhappy with this product for any reason simply return it (you pay shipping) and you will receive a FULL REFUND. This 30-day money back guarantee is an exception to the normal "no-return" policy in my shop because I believe you will be extremely satisfied with the value of my air purifier.

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