Large Spiritual Meditation Alter | Shrine Set

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Red oak
Sedona Red
Golden oak
Sun-drenched oak
Aged barrel
Classic Grey
True Black (stain)
Marine blue

Surface Finish:

πŸ‘‰ Do you want to save $3 on your order? I have a limited number of alters that are 3 inches less wide (24"). When you order type "SAVE ME $3" in the notes field and I will send you the ever-so-slightly-smaller version of this shelf and credit you $3.

Shown in red oak, golden oak (distressed) & painted white *

{ Both alter bottoms are stained and have protective cork pads on their cute little feet. }

Looking for a place to relax and ponder the universe...this is as good a spot as any.

This project consists of TWO separate alters.

* The large alter is approximately 3.25 inches tall x 7.25 inches deep x 27 inches wide.

* The small alter is approximately 2.75 inches tall x 3.5 inches deep x 15 inches wide.

Stain has been hand rubbed on each piece and then it is covered with spar urethane to help protect it from light, heat and sun.

Each alter is made of solid wood and so that your mellow remains un-harshed, I have rounded the edges of the shelves to make them smooth and comforting.

You can choose a stain color and choose a distressed or non-distressed finish. Please note, golden oak & sun-drenched oak stain will minimize the look of any type of distress due to its already light coloring.

The distress option:

The distress takes the form of a light sanding of the surface to simulate years of use. The corners are more heavily worn while the area towards the middle is left more pristine.

...Unfortunately this item is not available for free shipment to Hawaii, Alaska due to prohibitively high shipping costs. Orders from these states will be canceled with the funds returned to the buyer. Please contact me if you would like to make other arrangements.

These products are handmade items and as such you should expect your piece to have slight differences from the ones pictured. Those differences could include knots, unique grain patterns, cracks, color variances, board variances, and possibly slight size differences due to the specific nature of the wood. If you have specific requests for size and appearances let me know.


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