MetaAnatomy: A Modern Yogi's Practical Guide to the Physical and Energetic Anatomy of Your Amazing Body

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A gifted teacher reveals the miracle that is your body, combining science, yogic wisdom, and liberating movement practices.

Updated all-new illustrations, chapters, and content.

“Meta” means “beyond”―and in MetaAnatomy, celebrated yoga teacher Kristin Leal takes us far beyond our limited understanding of our amazing human bodies. In this information-rich and accessible resource, you’ll do more than label parts of your physiology and identify your energy systems. You’ll develop a new level of “body literacy”―a deep and vital relationship with the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of your being.

Kristin writes in an inviting, lighthearted style that makes complex concepts imminently understandable. Here, you’ll explore:

• The Physical―meet the marvelous “meat suit” of your body’s bones, muscles, joints, and nerves
• The Poetic―a deep dive into your breath, brain, heart, and the subtle energy systems that bring it all to life
• The Practical―how to make lasting changes to your health, spirituality, and relationship with the world around you
• Mini-practices, meditations, insights for students and teachers of yoga, and much more

What makes Kristin’s approach so powerful is that you’ll be learning about yourself as more than a collection of parts, but as a unified being of body, mind, and soul―interwoven and interdependent with the world around you. “You are a symphony of synapse and strength; valves and vulnerability; potential, power, and promise,” she teaches. “It is my hope that these teachings and practices will ultimately lead you to remember and honor your fundamental wholeness.”


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