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Natural Amethyst Decorative Lights Stones

Natural Amethyst Decorative Lights Stones

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Illuminate your altar or sacred space with these Natural Amethyst Decorative Lights  Stones. The healing power of the stones will keep the vibes positive while adding the cutest touch to your decor. Place them around your computer, on your bed frame, on a table centerpiece, across the wall, or anywhere you'd like to sprinkle a little magic.

The string lights can be decorated anywhere in your house. Bringing a mysterious and pleasant atmosphere to your life. It could be a great addition to the details of whatever you are prepared for the special day.


- Amethyst & Fluorite: Let these powerful stones absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress so you're free to enjoy good vibes only!

- Amethyst: The stone of divine intuition & peaceful vibes. As these amethyst lights shine they’ll remind you of the light within and all around you.

- Rose Quartz: Let self-love shine as the stone of unconditional love radiates light all around you.

- All stones are naturally generated and picked by hand, We try to keep their original wild appearance as much as we can. 


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