• ENERGY CLEANSING CRYSTAL- Selenite Orgonite Pyramid is the ultimate cleansing stone. It is best used to clean yourself and repair crystals. It has the ability to extract negative energy and inject positive energy. Therefore, it is an essential part of all crystal collections.
  • CHAKRA HEALING- Black tourmaline is related to the "root chakra" that maintains balance and cleans the balance, so it has a sense of stability. Orgone Pyramid activates the psychic centers at the Third Eye and balances the energies of the Throat Chakra.
  • CRYSTAL PROTECTION- Orgone Pyramid of copper crystals protects them from the devices that emit E-Energy by acting as destroyers of harmful negative energy resistant towers.
  • MEDITATION PYRAMID- Orgone healing crystal pyramid of Selenite Black Tourmaline combines crystals and other gemstones, helping you relax and stay healthy from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective. It is a natural crystal, very suitable for meditation and awakening spirituality and inner abilities.
  • SPIRITUAL CONNECTION- On the spiritual and mental level, the selenite black tourmaline opens the energy-based earth-spirit connection and provides a path for light to enter the earthly level.


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