Green Beret - Redcon1 - Vegan Protein

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Green Beret by Redcon1 is a supercharged 100% plant-based protein powder. Derived from quality ingredients, easy on digestion, and diet- and planet-friendly, Green Beret is the surefire way to build and repair muscle tissue and generally improve your training and physique, while reducing DOMS and post-training soreness.
And since it packs a huge protein hit in every serve, Green Beret allows you to hit your daily protein target and crush those macro goals without compromising on your ethical beliefs and dietary constraints.
  • Green Beret is Vegan
  • Green Beret has 0 G of Sugar
  • Green Beret has 20 G Protein
  • Green Beret isnt gritty or tastes like dirt like most Vegan protein, it's smooth and easy to mix.
Green Beret Vegan Protein 2.18 Pound Powder


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