Shungite Black Stones for Water Purification 70% Сarbon Naturals Crystals Purifier Clean

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Choose different size: 1.10 lbs (500 g)/ 0.5 lbs (250 g)/ 0.2 lbs (100 g) of high quality Shungite Stones with 70% carbon for Water Purification.
THE BEST SORBENT FOR WATER. There is no equal to Elite Shungite Stone in its ability to purify water from harmful impurities. Shungite crystal absorbs up to 95% of pollutants on its surface, removes turbidity and imparts a spring-like taste to water.
SHUNGITE CRYSTALS AFFECTS THE BODY. Shungite properties and persistent antihistamine effect are unique for this stone.
NATURAL PROTECTION. Elite shungite rock removes heavy metals, colloidal iron from water pipes, and organochlorine compounds from water, make taste of water better and protect your body and soul.
Shungite Stone is the oldest carbon-containing mineral on the planet.
The high concentration of fullerenes in them makes it possible to assume their cosmic origin.
It turns out that when interacting with water, shungite acquires healing qualities.

You can make Shungite water following these instructions:
1. Submerge Shungite stone in boiling water for 10 minutes to sterilize it and thoroughly rinse.
2. Place the well-rinsed Shungite in a 2 L bottle or ceramic container (not plastic or metal).
3. Use 1 L of water for every 70 grams of Elite Shungite stone.
4. Let it rest for 6 hours, then the water will be ready to use.
Clean your Shungite crystals every 2 months, dry them in the sunlight.
Replace your Shungite stones every year. Please pay your attention! Weight May Vary ±5%.


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