METAPHYSICAL ANATOMY—VOLUME 2 Now available for the first time!

142 Pages of Information about the physical body and its relationship through the various levels including the Energy Parent (Higher Self). This information was channelled through from the Sirian Command. Mind boggling information but related in a way that is understandable to the conscious mind.

These lectures are the main platform of the Command. The teachings have been channelled through to assist humanity in understanding Universal Law and the Creative Healing Law, so that humanity can take its next evolutionary step.

This talk has been channelled through by the Wisdom, which is this Command, and is directed at those people who are involved in deep meditative work. It is a talk of instruction. It is the first of a series of talks that will outline the functioning of the more physical parts of the entity, humankind in physical form. We intend going from the profundity we have outlined in previous talks on the focal body and the linking principle.

We start at the beginning of the physical—the pineal gland. You are aware of the location of that gland above the cerebellum lobes and slightly forward near the middle of the brain. It is subject to the passage of two energies—not twinned energy, two separate types of energy. It is the junctioning point, or the junctioning principle between that which is the physical, and that which is not physical. The energies flow through the linking principle to the pineal; to and through the pineal, and from there they are diversified.

We will approach this from a different angle. By the word physical, we mean that which is the functioning brain; that which is the functioning organic body. Included in, but separate from those two categories is the glandular system. At the meeting of the further projection into what you term a solid, and that which projects it, there must be a nucleic point at which the energy begins to become a solid. After that has been accomplished, there must be a point at which the energies are required to maintain that which is subtle and that which is physical.

The Twin Trinities of the Pineal
Section 1. Impediments in the Pineal Gland – I
Section 2 Impediments in the Pineal Gland – II
Diversification of Energies through the Pineal to the Pituitary Gland
Dissemination of Energies from the Pituitary Gland
The Thyroid and Sex Glands
The Duality of Left and Right
Particles – Their Formation and Function
The Integration of Glands and Organs
The Operation of the Force Centres
The Healer

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